Hello, I’m Desireé!

Interior Decorator

As a mother, it can be hard to find an identity other than that of a homemaker. And while I adore my two wonderful children, I find my fulfillment and passion in creating a life of beauty for myself and others.

When I began this journey into the public arena, I was unsure how to communicate everything that I love about my life as it can become far too much to juggle myself at times. Battling with my passion for fashion, travel, and home design, I couldn’t stand the thought of pushing anything to the side. So I decided to tackle the production of all three!

In my blog and social feeds, I am on a mission to broadcast the beauty of the world. You can follow me on my travels to London or Dubai, into the workshops of Tom Ford, or behind the scenes of my latest home remodel. The dream is yours to soak in.

Int’l Fashion Enthusiast

We are what we wear, some of us more than others. Style and fashion is my first love; I revel in bringing extraordinary pieces of the most unordinary style and material to life. Creating trends from nothing is nearly as exhilarating as helping someone find their own unique style. Either way, bringing something new to life through wondrous wardrobes is my joy.

Travel: A Woman of the World

The world is my playground. I live internationally because I’m always somewhere new, always rushing away to a new region, back and forth, never to be tied to any one location. The world as a whole has far too many marvelous places to ever be stuck in one for too long.

Interior Design/House Design

Everyone needs a home base to keep them grounded in who they are and what they want, especially those living a rather transient lifestyle. Creating a new space for life to happen can be magical, and so very important to have a good time. Whether it’s the peace and safety of a bedroom, the entertainment factor of open-floor plans, or the enchanting tranquility of outdoor space, creating space is a life changing experience.